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Corrupted Files

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Oxiah    0

Hey there! I'm mainly making this post since DST Support specifically told me to go here as so far they couldn't find an answer to my technical problem.

Recently I've reinstalled DST with some mods and half of them aren't actually working, they just display as "workshop-xxxxxx", screenshot attached below. I have also tried pretty much all guides that could possibly fix this problem like starting the game/steam up via admin rights, safe rebooting and deleting mod files, resubbing to the mods, reinstalling the game, rechecking firewall, trying to update them, verifying files and so on, you get the point. I still have no clue what could be causing this hence why I'm here.

I also found out that the mods aren't actually installing properly either, like they install under the steam workshop folder but not into the DST mods folder.

Windows 10 Operating System
GPU : GTX 1050 ti
CPU : i7-3770
12gb RAM


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