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Is it possible to kill crab king with only bugnets? The answer may shock you.

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ShadowDuelist    9569
6 hours ago, kuroite said:

Yeah but how long the fight will last ? That's the important number i want to see !

It doesn’t matter, you set it up and go to sleep.


And call a friend to stop playing competitive CSGO and come do the next best thing: keep your idle character in a boat fed for hours.


You can also task your friend to do the math for you, if she or he is into math stuff.


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zacqiang    360
4 minutes ago, ShadowDuelist said:


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You're gonna wanna mean literal IRL days, it's max health CK after all.


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ShadowDuelist    9569
25 minutes ago, zacqiang said:


Well, it’s gonna be a very long nap that’s for sure. But eventually everything will work itself out.


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Mike23Ua    12166
1 hour ago, x0-VERSUS-1y said:

The forums' quality of posts is going up (up-up & awaaaay) by each passing day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yeah, this tends to happen between content updates: I think it’s kind of funny to be honest.. what kind of crazy wacky threads pop up here and there. Everyone’s just sort of waiting for Klei to do their thing..

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Alright, so given that you can give CK a total of 11 red gems using the Pearl's Pearl, and since every red gem increases Crab King's health by an arbitrary amount, I'm going to resort to the wiki to get the max health of 95,000. Our damage modifier is 2 * 2.5 * 1.2 for Mighty Wolfgang, VGCF, and chili flakes respectively. This leads to an x6 damage multiplier if we are in a spring rainstorm. If we are not, our multiplier is a more humble x3.6

Using the bugnet's damage of 4.25, and multiplying it by our damage multipliers, we get 15.3 damage per hit if we are not in a rainstorm, and 25.5 damage per hit if we are. 

Dividing out the numbers gives us a whopping 6209 hits needed to kill Crab King when he is not wet, and 3725 hits if he's not.

think you attack twice in every second, but if I'm wrong it would be grand if someone could correct me. 

Given the attack speed of 2 per second, we get 30.6 damage per second from the bug net when CK is not wet, and 51 DPS if he is. This leads to an egregious 3725 AND A HALF SECONDS to kill this boss when he is not wet, and a slightly less disgusting 1863 seconds given CK being wet the whole time.

This, of course, does not account for eating, placing new boats, getting frozen, summoning dwarf stars, or bugnet breakage and reequipping.

Regardless of all that, with this setup, CK takes 1 hour and 2 minutes to kill if he is not wet the whole time, and 31 minutes if he is.

Since every in game day is 8 minutes, this is 7.75 in game days to kill when not wet, and 3.875 in game days to kill him if he is. That's not even a seasons worth of time.

You do have to be there for all of it, though, to eat, attack, light up the area, and keep changing (or repairing) the boat.


There's ANOTHER aspect of this I don't even want to think about: Crab King can self heal. This is an absolutely horrifying fact and it means that real-time, it could take more than a day to kill him. If it's even possible in the first place!

I will leave you with this terrifying thought, and vanish into the night.

Special thanks to Klei Fourms for restoring my post every time I went to check my math on a calculator, saved me a lot of time.

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3 hours ago, Hornete said:

now do one about 9 pearled crab king

I hate you forever.

527,000 health.

God damnit.

15.3 DPH (damage per hit) when he is not wet, and 25.5 DPH when he is.

DPS of 30.6 when dry, 51 when wet.

34,444 hits needed when dry, 20,666 hits needed when wet.

At 10 hits per bug net, we need 3,445 bug nets to kill him when he's dry, and 2,067 bug nets when he's wet.

This calculates out to 6,890 silk, 13,780 twigs, and 10,335 grass required to kill him when he's dry. When he's wet, it's 4,134 silk, 8,268 twigs, and 6,201 grass.

For the amount of time to deplete this guy's health pool, you'll need to clear your day, because this god damn crab takes 17,222 seconds, otherwise known as ALMOST FIVE  GOD FORSAKEN HOURS spent SOLELY on hitting this crab with bug nets.

But good news! When he's wet, this only takes 10,333 seconds, which, in layman's terms, translates to 2.87 hours, just shy of a clean 3.

This, of course, does not account for the fact that it is probably actually genuinely IMPOSSIBLE to kill him, due to the healing. Even disregarding this, the time it would take to kill him when factoring in the freeze stunlock would probably bump this up to maybe a month in real time.

I hate crab king. 

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