Final Thoughts on Enlightened Crown

Thoughts on Enlightened Crown  

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  1. 1. Again, thoughts?

    • Yes, definitely worth the long quest
    • It's an okay item, not too worth the long quest, but is still good
    • It's not too great, the quest is long and hard
    • Terrible! The quest is useless and WAY too long for this item
    • No strong opinions
    • What the heck is the Enlightened Crown?

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Cheggf    4225

I think on most characters it's a good reward considering how many other rewards you get for doing the questline. My only issues are a few parts of the questline are a bit tedious, the lunar tab is extremely barren with little use for all the moon rocks and glass you get from the fight, and the crown itself is extremely character dependent. If Wes attacks only 12 times it turns off!

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GenomeSquirrel    1187
5 hours ago, prettynuggets said:

still curious why u need 3 fullmoon .. lmao 


i guess forum life is more exciting than the game itself ?


I was mistaken about 1 aspect of the game, I fully respect you calling me a B grade survivor.

I stick around partly due to the near 0 chance Gorge will return, partly to relieve boredom

It’s not like I can’t reinstall the game if they let us raise tigers on the moon.

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prettynuggets    333


2 hours ago, GenomeSquirrel said:

I was mistaken about 1 aspect of the game

this probably the other people have been talking . "the reason u leave game" is something u mistaken. 

welp it would be faster if u try to straight ur answer like this before 
people think u complaining for something that isnt existing in a discussion forum.. lmao 

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TipherethB    842
12 hours ago, GenomeSquirrel said:

I don't need to ride every attraction in Disneyland to form an opinion. If I felt the small word attraction was the summation of the worst parts of the park, it’s subjectively true and a valid reason to hold a grudge.

I expressed my opinion in a thread asking people to express an opinion.

That's absolutely true and fair! However, I feel like the reason why people were aggressive was because you did very confidently state blatantly wrong information, so it also makes sense why they'd doubt your credibility in the other aspects (especially with how vague some of them were).

You're justified in disliking it, just try and be a little more careful in future posts! :]

Edited by TipherethB
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18 hours ago, Horsheen said:

I find CC to be rather bland for the "final" boss

I'm surprised to see someone call CC a bland boss, I say his mechanics are fun and aren't crappy like some others, such as antlion (I mean, she doesn't move, and only has ONE attack, you also have to kill her EVERY SUMMER! Honestly, I don't kill her at all :lol:)

20 hours ago, Hornete said:

Three full moons?

I think the point was that 3 full moons is 60 days, you can only complete this annoying quest by summertime, I believe that was the point, they just didn't explain it briefly enough.

6 hours ago, Dr.Medic said:

its good the only proplem there is is crabking

That's what I said :lol:, but it's true, he is such a god awful boss, I hate juggling so much things, such as freezing him when geysers attack, avoiding his crap healing mechanic that heals a whopping 600 hp, you also have to kill his imposing claws and repair the boat every so often.

So yea, crap boss

Edited by ShadowQueen

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Hornete    10690
18 minutes ago, ShadowQueen said:

such as freezing him when geysers attack,

Why not kite the geysers?

I agree he's a terrible boss and I think he can use a lot of work, but especially with the Waterlogged update's release kiting his geysers solo is a great strat.

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Muzarello    541

the moonstorm is the only thing I hate about the questline, even Crab King you only do it once, if it wasnt 3 builing phases to call CC I wouldnt mind, make it just 1 or 2 ,also a way to preserve the infused shards, Bee Queen is such a hard boss to fight without making a bunnymen army or spamming pan flutes, outside of that the crown is perfect.

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GetNerfedOn    7666

have not done the event to the fullest yet, but presumably there's going to be more content after this line of updates so i want to see hoe the crown holds against said content. from what ive seen tho its a pretty great reward for a challenging storyline.

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