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Mini Signs incompatible with modded items.

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mathem99    1949

Hello! I am working on a mod for Don't Starve that introduces (as of current plans) four new mobs in the game!

I will present a few details about the mod right now: (the problem I'm facing is mentioned below the two videos)

The mobs: Freezing Brrrd, Otter (W.I.P), Jungle Treeguard and Flightless Brrrd (W.I.P)

Below is a video of the fight with Freezing Brrrd and Jungle Treeguard if anyone is interested in knowing what's in store for the mod:

Freezing Brrrd:



Jungle Treeguard:




Now onto my actual issue, an issue that I've been having trouble with for a long time that even my previous mods still suffer from it (although it's not that game-breaking) Images from modded items do not appear on mini signs! I have no idea how to fix this and so far I haven't been able to find any solution in the forums. There's a video down below that shows the two new items this mod introduces (Glacial Feather dropped by Freezing Brrrd and Ice Dart that's made with glacial feathers and works like an ice staff but x10 times effective aka it freezes enemies immediately)

The Video:



I know this side of the forums is "dead" in a way, but I hope there's someone out there who can help me fix this issue once and for all. I also hope you enjoyed the videos with Jungle Treeguard and Freezing Brrrd.

Thanks for reading!

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