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QOL>>Console Backpack Layout

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Nattou1214    4


  • Add the option Backpack Layout to allow keyboard/mouse players to use the backpack layout that is integrated into the inventory bar.

It would be nice to get this on Single player too since the DLCS are just soo good
I was hoping to get more QOL addons last year when it was updated on September since DST got a QOL update on August :wilson_cry:

last time CarZalph made the mod version before they officially added it to the game so maybe someone can backport it based on his work? :wilson_lightbulb:


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CarlZalph    5335

You'd need to backport changes done to the UI system to support it, and at that point you may as well backport the default game's code revolving around it instead of trying to use my mod as a basis.

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