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Randomly Corrupt Save File

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diomand    0

I would love to continue this Day 1,380 world but it randomly corrupted on me and I do not have any backups. 

I am aware that closing the game or having it crash while the game is saving can cause this, but neither of those things happened. I was using the glitch where you can not pick glommers flower in order to kill him over and over again to get a bunch of krampus', and after I killed him I simply hit save and quit. The game saved and went back to the title screen like normal, and then I clicked my save file. Instead of loading, it gave me a large error message saying the save file is corrupt.

I don't suppose anything can be done about this? I was using 4 mods: Flingo range check, lightning rod range check, geometric placement, and combined status. I just find it weird that it corrupted when there wasn't any interruption in saving.

Also, oddly enough, when I try to load the file it shows a blue background as you can see in the screenshot, despite me owning and having hamlet installed (which should make the background green)


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