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Get rid of that "Nogriefer" mod by "Tranoze"

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Muon369    7

I have over 4000 hours total on multiple platforms for DST and single player and have been playing since both single player and DST's launch date, but the public community is too toxic now and there will always be people who seek to get drunk off of any shred of power like this developer []Tranoze[] and anyone using this poorly developed mod. I have been griefed just like everyone else countless times having 1400 hours on this Steam account. I griefed very few times and a long time ago, one of those times I got called a racial slur in whisper chat then vote-kicked by a group of players just for picking grass early-game that the toxic player was targeting, he/she lied and said I stole something from his Woby to get me kicked while continuing to whisper racial slurs at me. So I came back and burned their base, I stopped griefing toxic players long ago for ethical reasons but I'm still on some shadow ban list and getting kicked more often now by random players i've never played with... As an experienced software developer myself I could write a more effective anti-grief mod that doesn't also target normal players just having a bad time with other players. If anyone is interested in the mod then add me. "NoGriefer" by []Tranoze[] is legit trash and bad for the game in a subtle way.

auto vote-kick mods.jpg

auto vote-kick mods1.jpg

auto vote-kickmods2.jpg

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