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Monster combo with friends

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BezKa    2706

We've been playing on our server for over 500 days now, and it is a tradition to go slay Klaus every winter. Since spice stopped working on Beefalos and mine (Janka) is the only ornery one, we decided to go with hambats. We arrive at the sack, and we start sharing resources: Willow brought armor, Wortox got healing before the fight, Warly is giving out spicy foods. Then deal with randomly starving because the fight has actually already been postponed once, but at least I brought the damn crockpot this time...

The evening was ending, so I lit a dwarf star and a polar light for the fight later. In the middle of the night, hounds, obviously... We arrived at our Beefalos at least, so with some maneuvering we got rid of the dogs. A scare done with, we stand in front of the sack and begin the fun. After explaining 5 times what spicy foods to eat first. 

Klaus arrives, and we start smacking him. We try to kite the best we can, and in no time we're getting rid of Krampii, and then go back at Klaus. His health is quickly falling, and so is Willow's. She backs out, and considering we brought way too little armor (only 4 per person, with me actually getting only 3) we're pretty sure we're gonna die. She says she's too low, even after Wortox drops few heals, so we tell her to drop her armor and run to the base to get us life giving amulets. Instead, she starts dancing around the dwarf star, and considering her bad connection (which made her take a ton of damage from Klaus already) she doesn't risk fighting. So me and Wortox, with whom we got Klaus to phase two, decide to just focus on the fight. We eat second and last portion of Jellybeans, lose our armor to some mistimed dodges and headbumps from reindeer, Wortox drops all the souls, and with balancing aggro the best we can, somehow manage to beat him. Which is something that never happened bwfore- we always needed at least a couple of tried. 

We help Willow with nightmare creatures, then open the stash and grab the loot. We obviously scram to the base to hopefully get more food and end for the day (we've been playing for a while). We arrive at base, throw some meat in the pots and unpack our glorious presents- 

We got one down feather, one desert stone, and a Bee Queen Crown. 

The night falls once again, and I ask them if we should finish right now or wait until morning. They say let's wait. 

The morning music haven't ended before we hear Deerclops. So again, we jump on Beefs and scram to the rocky biome, where I left Bearger alive after getting him to work pest control. We guide one giant to the other, then stand at a distance to watch. 

Bearger yawns. We were too close. I didn't notice I left my bell at base. So the moment Janka wakes up, she books it. Bearger had only about 1000 hp left, so he was dead in no time, and I decided I'm too cool to just leave Clops here- I charged with my still fresh hambat, landed a couple hits, switched to cane, and got dramatically hit and died. My friends of course were laughing their butts off, and I left to revive myself at base, while they were fighting on their 25 dmg beefs. By the time I was at base, Slow was already there- she abandoned the fight to sleep insanity away, but started starving in the tent. In the meantime, Wortox was running away from two shadow creatures with a heavily injured cow, slowly freezing. So Willow gave me her hat, I grabbed Janka's bell, some torches and a star caller staff, and told Wortox to follow the road, we'll meet mid way. 

We did, and I set the star for him. We defeated his shadow creatures together, and I went off to finish Deerclops off- who only had 830 or so hp left. So I smacked him down, not even bothering with trying to dodge on my beef, then grabbed the loot and now also insane, went to join Wortox for a minute before I get my stuff from my corpse. 

We were back at base, about to finally quit, when hounds started barking again, just as the sun set. Our beefs were in poor condition, and we were tired. Wortox logged off before they killed his beef, and Willow started running in circles while I ran on Janka with a torch to our pig farm. They got rid of the dogs, but the lag of loading so many pigman houses really made it hard for Willow. I returned to base, in hopes of killing the hounds one by one, but one of them finally killed my beef. 

We ended up rollbacking, and closing the server before the grand rescue happened. We're going to have a nasty surprise when we play again. 

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