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Character mod crashes server on load [code included] pls help!

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Maxsar    1

So i added custom component to character and its crashing when:

  1. i enter cave
  2. i load existing world - creating new world is fine but when i disconnect and resume it teleports my character to some random spot and after few seconds crash server.

here is code for component:

local Blood = Class(function(self, inst)
	self.inst = inst
	self.max = 100
	self.current = 0

function Blood:OnSave()
	return {currentblood = self.current}

function Blood:OnLoad(data)
    if data.currentblood then
        self.current = data.currentblood
        self:DoDelta(0, true)
--Ustawia aktualna wartosc bloodpoints
function Blood:SetCurrent(amount)
	self.current = amount

function Blood:GetCurrent()
	return self.current

return Blood

and i add component to character this way


its probably something with saving or loading, maybe? idk

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Maxsar    1

Ok it doesnt save values after server restart. What ma i doing wrong this time? xD



fixed it.

Edited by Maxsar

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