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Switch: long-term worlds break after using seaworthy/skyworthy


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fter a while of playing in a linked world, it seems to be possible for one 'side' to become broken. Entering the broken map through the seaworthy/skyworthy causes the game to crash with a "The software was closed because an error occurred" message (after getting stuck at the second 'Loading..' for 30s or so), and from here this crash occurs whenever the save is loaded.


This has happened to me three times now. Once at day ~700, another at ~600, and now at ~400. There's no major consistency in this bug's occurrence other than using the skyworthy/seaworthy at a high day count (it has occured from SW-RoG, RoG-SW, and RoG-Hamlet). From experience, I know that:


1) There's no way to avoid this with cloud save backups. The first time round I downloaded an earlier cloud save multiple times, but no matter what day I entered the Seaworthy the save would still become bugged. Staying in Shipwrecked, though, was fine.

2) Despite a fix being nowhere in the patch notes, the 1.0.7 patch actually restored my second broken world (which broke going RoG-SW) to normal function. I was able to move between RoG and SW without issues, and it loaded me into SW with the inventory I had originally tried to bring there when the bug occurred. This indicates to me that these worlds aren't truly 'corrupted', but there is another issue at hand that stops them from loading. 

3) Other than what I mentioned in 2, no amount of tinkering brings back the world. I've tried fiddling with cloud save backups, redownloading the game (with and without DLCs), shifting games between my SD and internal storage, and deleting other games' data to no avail. 



I do hope this gets fixed, as it is a massive hurdle in me getting fully invested in Don't Starve again. 

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