The waterlogged biome will suffer the same fate as the barnacles

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Sunset Skye    12622
2 hours ago, JosePapp said:

as forgotten as the barnacle biome

Are barnacles forgotten? I know a lot of people who use them for their fish value, and I personally eat a lot of linguini when I'm not Wurt.

About the waterlogged biome itself, nah, from my experience it's really really good for early game food, silk, and driftwood, and (especially with the changes to rowing) I can see people who enjoy boating going there first thing to get some knobbly nuts to plan a base around... I've been doing that for the whole beta, personally!

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Just-guy    1375
10 minutes ago, JosePapp said:

I mean I've never personally gone out of my way to get them, they're just... there, which isn't wrong per say but it also feels kinda lame. 

It's like they're aiming to make the next red mushtree biome rather than the next desert if you catch the analogy. It's a niche biome, and to It's credit it has potential, like telelocating gators into a gecko pen or saving on flingos with the small bit of shade the above average trees provide 

I think Barnacles would be used more if Sea Stacks could be moved or created in more accesible areas to plant Sea Sprouts since the don't really have a zone restriction like Mushtrees or Cactuses.

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JosePapp    980

In retrospect,  giving the sweetish fish sweetener value feels kind of dumb, perhaps they could drop figs on dead somewhat like the corn cod?

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Well-met    6209
8 minutes ago, Sunset Skye said:

Baffling to me to see the claim that people doing more than one (1) set of tasks in a sandbox game is... them trying to feel special?? Rather than just doing what they enjoy doing in a sandbox game?? Is any other sandbox game's community so constantly adamant about it being wrong to do anything except a meta?

What Szczuku likely means is the devs aren't putting enough effort/reward ratio to new content, which means there is little reason to go through potential boat hassle and disasters for yet another optional food source. I don't think they specifically try to call out or insult people. You are the one choosing to read it that way.

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Szczuku    17536
9 hours ago, Roodmas said:

Is there anything wrong with that, really?


16 minutes ago, Sunset Skye said:



6 minutes ago, Well-met said:

What Szczuku likely means is...

Thank you.

Sure, I could've worded that better but it generally boils down to what Hornete said:

4 hours ago, Hornete said:

I'd be done with this game years ago if I just kept eating meatballs and making bunnyman farms

One goes out of their way to use those... uncommon food sources to spice up their game experience. No way that a new player would decide to travel the ocean rather than just plant a bunch of berry bushes.

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Roodmas    168
1 hour ago, HowlVoid said:

Funny enough this update is bringing me back to the game after a long hiatus.

Same, I have this world where I mapped out the entire ocean, just to be able to see immediately where new ocean stuff spawns after an update like this. I'm excited to explore this biome and bring home all the figs :D:D

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Theukon-dos    3271
12 hours ago, Roodmas said:

Is there anything wrong with that, really? One gets bored of cooking the same recipes constantly. In my latest game I decided to try alternatives and how well they fare. The one recipe that stuck was barnacle nigiri, it is the exact same thing as pierogis but they are more efficient for me to produce once you have all the ingredients nearby (and since I'm playing this world for thousands of days, I had nothing better to do than to set this up). I'm saying that because I use meat rather for hunger than for healing.

Sure it is not the path that many choose, but it would be pretty boring for me to play this game the exact same way every time I start a new world. So there is no need for the hipster-shaming.

Since figs can't be replanted though, I do agree that regularly harvesting figs might be too much of a chore. Unless the mangrove spawns right next to your base... even then I would mostly just use it for tree jam, or the occasional novelty food.


7 hours ago, Hornete said:

Is it really that crazy to you that people just like playing differently? I'd be done with this game years ago if I just kept eating meatballs and making bunnyman farms, or whatever the meta is nowadays.


While there's nothing wrong with using "off-meta", and Szuku definitly could have been a bit less... Abrasive, about it. If the only good reason to choose one option over another is for Variety's sake, then I feel like there's still a problem to be had.

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Theukon-dos    3271
34 minutes ago, goblinball said:

I don’t think all biomes need to be something you constantly return to. Who ever goes into the triple Mac tusk once you get a cane and tam? Who ever returns to beefalo herds once they have a beefalo hat and a tamed beefalo? There are very few reasons to return to these biomes after exploring them once, and I think that’s fine. The ocean’s biggest problem is that it isn’t fun to explore, making the ocean give lots of stuff wouldn’t make exploring more fun.

Triple mac tusk is good for farming Lazy explorers, if you're planning to fight AF.  And Beefalo are a good source of meat. Beefalo wool is a good for base building and fuel. And Beefalo herds are good for early-mid game hound waves and Frog Rain.


and @Sunset Skye is right. Knobly Nuts are more of a reason to re-visit the waterlogged biome compared to even some mainland biomes. The issue is that the ocean as a whole has practically nothing to it's name.


If you're exploring the mainland, then there's a variety of biomes that you'll pass through while exploring. And even if there isn't much reason to re-visit most of them, the variety's atleast there. And there's generally something to gain just by passing through them. Sahvannas got a lot of grass and beef. Forests have lots of spiders, along with the occasional grave or pig house. Rock Biomes have gold and tall birds. Ect. Ect.


The ocean, on the other hand, has both a noticable gate to explore it in the first place (Lots of wood, plus stuff for sails and anchors if you want to explore at a reasonable rate), and you get barely anything to show for it.

90% of the ocean is comprised of a single biome, which has little more in it than fish and kelp.

Barnacles are an average food source.

Salt is used for like, 2 things. 3 if you're Warly. The first being a fridge side grade, and the second being a very slow, and honestly kind of expensive method of renewable Theulicite.

The lunar island has mid-tier gear at best, I'd say. And stone fruit are nice, but little more than a convinience.

Crabby Hermit has some stuff, but gives mostly just more fishing items.

Crab King is considered one of the hardest/worst bosses in the game, and his reward is something too expensive to practically use.


And then Celestial Champion. Easilly the longest, most drawn-out task list in the game. Gives a glorified mining hat as a reward. I haven't seen a single person consider this a worth-while reward.


Compared to how expensive it is to explore and how long it takes to do so, There is very little reward for exploring the open ocean. And what is out there is little more than minor convenience items.


Just compare the ocean to the caves. They're almost as desolate as the ocean. But they're free to explore at any time, and have valuable items such as

Lightbulbs for lanterns.

Glowberries for moggles.

Bunnymen, which make for a great food source and mob/boss farmers.

The ruins, which have some of the strongest items in the game.

Easy early-game living logs in the lunar grotto.

and probably more I'm forgetting.


Point is, people are so harsh towards the ocean because, for all intents and purposes, it's an entirely new world just like the caves. Yet you can completely ignore it without missing out much on... anything.


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Theukon-dos    3271
2 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

It's 8 boards and a log to get a boat with an oar, then you just have to find one driftwood nearby and go make a driftwood oar, and you're gonna be exploring at a very good pace imo. It's something that takes like a day to set up once you've found some gold, and while I've barely found myself needing an anchor or sails since the beta, you can upgrade to them later as you explore and find either sea striders or a forest with spiders that you can quickly hop off to kill.

Ah. Fair point. But even then, what are you looking for out there? On land you've got all the different biomes, set pieces, ect. You can't exactly look for, say, Pig King while on a boat.


You're surrounded by negativity, then. My whole friend group uses crowns pretty frequently just for the sanity/light, and when I play Wurt I'm glued to the thing 24/7. The crown is an awesome reward for something you only have to obtain once per player and never have to perform any sort of maintenance on, even if just using it as an upgraded tam.

I didn't say that the crown was a bad reward. But it's in no way worth all the headache you need to go through to get it.

Let's just compare the Celestial Champion to the Ancient Fuelwaver.

To fight the AF, you have to

>Kill the Ancient Guardian for the ancient key.

>Repair the Chess pieces and kill them to get a shadow atrium

>Find the tentepillar that leads to the atrium.

>Kill a difficult boss.

And you're rewarded with an upgraded nightmare amulet, a shadow thurible which has a few uses, Bone armor; which is possibly the single most powerful item in the game, and the Ruins get reset making the most powerful gear in the game renewable.

To fight CC, you have too:

*Deep breath*

Go to the ocean. 

Find the Lunar Biome.

Assemble the Altar.

Go to the Ruins.

Make a Starcaller's staff and deconstruction staff.

Complete the Moonstone Event.

Disassemble the Mooncaller's staff.

Go the the Archives.

Turn on the Archives.

Do the Minigame for the Astral Detector.

Find the Celestial Sanctum with the Astral Detector

Find Crabby Hermit's island.

Befriend her for Pearl's Pearl.

Find CK with the Astral Detector.

Kill CK with Pearl's Pearl.

Bring all that stuff to the Lunar Island.

Activate the Moonstorm event.

Do Wagstaff's quest.

Kill Queen Bee (Or turn on Winter's Feast) So you can actually get the stuff you need to the Lunar Island without it spoiling.

Assemble the lunar collector.

Kill a hard boss.

And for that. all you get is a ton of moon glass and a shiny crown. Don't you see a bit of a discrepancy there?



Feel like it's worth mentioning in a conversation like this that caves had a very negative reputation when they were new, with players barely going down there for a long time after release and a Klei dev even saying about the caves content that nobody liked it, and it felt periphery.

1. I wasn't playing when caves where new. So I can't speak for them too much.

2. The ocean isn't new anymore. In six days, Turn of Tides will officially turn 2 years old. If I was making this post 6 months or even 12 months after ToT, then sure. Maybe that would be an argument. But as it stands, There's little to no reason for Oceans to still be in the state they're in.


It's absolutely not like an entirely new world. Land exists while you're sailing, usually no more than ~20 seconds of rowing away, unlike the caves where you will generally have to take a long trek through the darkness and ascend a cave entrance to get out of this completely sectioned-off secondary world. And like I said in my last post here, the way I explore the ocean gives me an entire outline of the mainland, because I'm simply in a different part of the same world.

Yes, but the ocean and land areas never interact. You don't cross the land while exploring the ocean the same way you might cross the sahvanna biome on your way to the desert. And if you're exploring the ocean, you don't pop back onto land unless you need to resupply or drop off some items. For all intents and purposes, they're entirely different and segregated areas.

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JosePapp    980

I just wanna say I'm happy with the current changes to the biome making the trees yield figs and yield more wood. I'd still like em to somehow be planted on land via pools or the fireflies respawning, but I feel like that small change made everything 100% times better

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