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Modding: Applying pig sprites and animations to a new character?

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dinomice    0

Is it possible to apply the Pig's sprites and animations to a new playable character? I've extracted them from the game using ktools.

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Monti18    404

Haha don't say that! :D

I just had a look, it seems like this mod is more complicated than I thought, so to make it easier for you:

It calls PlayablePets.SetCommonStats, which in turns sets


for the pigman.

In this case, this would be 


You would need to add this to the master_postinit of your character prefab.

This mod added an own stategraph for the pigman player, if you want to use it only for yourself, you can take it, otherwise ask the mod creator if you can use it or use the normal stategraph of the pig, SGpigman, which could make some problems as I'm not sure if everything a player can do is defined there.

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