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[Democratic Race] v0.3.0 Available: Advisor Request Update

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RageLeague    1506

Finally, after working for a long time, The mod Democratic Race is now updated. Below is the changelog.



This is a major update that introduces a request quest for each of the three advisors. Each advisor has something unique that
they want you to help them with, and helping them complete their goal makes them love you. Generic characters can also get
these requests sometimes, although certain dialogs and options can change.

This update also shortens the number of rally quests on day 2 and 3 to one per day, in order to speed up the campaign
and slow down the speed the player develop their deck.

Note: This update might cause old save files to not work anymore, due to removed quests and renamed issue. To access the old
update, visit the GitHub page.

Major changes:

* 3 new request quests, each with different quirks. With these quests comes with new negotiations, new cards, and new characters.
* Unique negotiation behaviour for each advisor.
* Added advisor changing logic. If your advisor is unavailable, either because they hate you or they retired (death is retirement)
you are given a chance to change your advisor. Unless all living advisors at least dislikes you, in which case you lose.
* Day 2 and onward are shortened, and comes with it a reduced support requirement at the end of each day.

Minor changes:

* Added theme for Benni. (Feature not complete, and causes the game to crash on restart. Disabled on default)
* No longer able to convince bosses to fire automechs or other non-sentient agents.
* Destroying demand bounties also adds impatience.
* Adding events from the base game to the campaign. (Some events might get replaced with a custom one in the future)
* Rework "Artifact Treatment" to "Religious Policy" to cover a broader topic.
* Rework agent initialization. Now agents from each faction should be present in a more normalized way.
* States on day 3's debate are saved after each question.
* Balance day 2's interview and added questions explaining the interview.
* Chance of spawning request quest on socializing.
* Add a new rally quest: Dole Out.
* More quests are counted as "free time", such as Information Warfare.
* Added custom quip tag per campaign. More dialogs are available.
* Added new characters to the region. Change custom home generation logic.
* Benni has three fingers now, like other kra'deshi.
* Lots of dialog update and fixes.



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