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Is it possible to make a qustom item spawn at start in random location

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AkaiNight    28

I am trying to make an upgradeable hat. It has 4 shapes. For first one you must drop it from bosses(it drops when you kill enought boss). For the second form you must craft it with some items and for the third one you must find 3 pieces on map and for the third one you must find an gem spot in ornate chest(%100 drop rate) and some crafting.


The problem is i don't know if its possible to make the pieces spawn at start at random places. Also is it possible to add custom item in the ornate chest. Its a character mod and the hat is under character mod İt would be great if someone show or tell me how to do it.

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Monti18    404

For your problem with spawing at random places, I think the easiest way is to make a custom setpiece that always spawns that item. I can't help you further with that as I also don't know how to do it.

The ornate chest is spawned with the prefab "minotaurchestspawner", you can have a look at the game files and see what it does. You could try and see if it works if you add a PrefabPostInit that also adds after 3 seconds your item to the chest like the original does for the other items. Another way to do it woud be with the upvaluehacker.

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