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[Nintendo Switch] Seasons bug still exist to this day

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Since I was going to take off without my computer, I thought about playing some of Don't Starve on my Nintendo Switch. I really didn't played it seriously on the console since this moment, so I couldn't figure out there was a severe bug in the game.

Now, this may cause some inconvenience, but this is really embarassing for the developers. This bug has been existing since the release of the game (that's literally more than 3 years) and they didn't do ANYTHING to fix it. Despite them responding to some of the topics regarding this bug (e.g. see this), I don't know if they don't seem to care or anything.

The problem:

  • Describing the bug more in detail, this glitch essentially switches seasons completely randomly when entering internal worlds (such as the Volcano in Shipwrecked or Caves in Vanilla or Reign of Giants). This first occurred when I entered the Volcano (during Hurricane Season) to get several Coffee Plants, and noticing that I was overheating for no reason at all. I wasn't even close to the lava in the center of the Volcano. Only after some time I noticed that it was officially Dry Season by day 30 (I didn't change any world settings): reddish palette on the screen, the plants were withering, Wilson was costantly overheating and I was almost dying for that since I really wasn't prepared for that. Luckily I managed to escape using the Seaworthy to get to Reign of Giants and finding myself in the middle of Winter (which is completely normal); and once I entered the caves by day 62 (it was Summer), Spring started to begin again, for no freaking reason at all.

This bug has generated several hardships (this doesn't just apply to me alone) since I paid real money for this game and I feel like the developers are making fun of their customers. And it is ruining my enjoyment of the game.

I understand that patching a game (especially on a machine which isn't run by Klei, but by Nintendo) can take several weeks, but can we talk about more than 3 years without a single update? And the developers still got the time to add new content to Don't Starve Together.

EDIT: typo mistakes

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Sorry about that. This issue has been really tricky and we have fixed it in past but it seems to be back. We are working on all ports of the game this year and while we do not have an ETA, we are working with our port partners to investigate some of these reported issues.

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