[Project] PyStarve - A mini Don't Starve clone in PyGame for learning purposes

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Gleenus    167

Hi everyone

I just want to share a project I'm working on for learning purpose

The name of this project is "PyStarve"
(Temporary Logo)

The main objective of this project is to make a Don't Stave-Like game using PyGame, learning some programming techniques and sharing it with people interested in programming.
I'm developing it entirely on Twitch lives using Don't Starve Together tag (I'm not sure if this is okay, but it is DS related like my mod-development lives) (click me)

Everything developed is open source and can be found on GitHub (click me)

This game is entirely in 2d, using the native PyGame functions for rendering
I'm not using OpenGL/Vulkan since this would make the project much more complex, losing its "basic programming / learning and sharing knowledge" purpose
Everything is coded in the simplest way I found (I'm not a game developer, everything I learn just by programming experiments)

What we have so far

-- 2021-06-06:
Lights, tiles and camera

-- 2021-06-04:
Game, screen, player, zorder, controls and day-night cycle 

Note: My Twitch lives are in Portuguese, but if someone ask something in English, I always do my best to answer it in English :D

-- Python 3
-- PyGame

-- NumPy

Some clips

Day-Night cycle

Lights Tiles
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