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sovon9    143
5 hours ago, Locuriyah said:

I have been waiting for days for a solution or fix the problem of playing. I cannot start my worlds, nor can I go to anyone else's, therefore I cannot play. I'm going to miss the event due to bugs again, it already happened to me in the previous one ... When are they going to fix that? I hope it's before the 20th and I have a few days left to play the event... Every event happens the same...

I say it around here because in the forums with this problem they never approve my comment, so they will least be able to provide solutions... 

I love DTS, it is my favorite game, but it exhausts me to fight in each event or lose it for the same thing always...:wilson_resigned:

If you can't fix the problem through normal troubleshooting methods then post a separate topic in the forum. i am sure some one will definitely help you. :smile:

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minespatch    85414
4 hours ago, King Anchor said:

This update was pretty damn awesome that end table skin is pretty damn awesome for forest base designs




They should use those colors for a dia de los muertos event5b5589e717c93_20180723-Pithposadaskins.thumb.png.bac6912311b251dfe4f430d5d8310f47.png

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