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Proximity on PS4

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Since I can't choose who to attack (because on PS4 you don't have a mouse and keyboard) I'm forced to get closer to the enemy (making ranged weapons useless) so I ask you to please fix that and that for example when using a weapon the priority is to give you the option to attack an enemy and not give you the option to interact with objects because if you carry a weapon is to fight obvious, also if you carry a ranged or melee weapon the proximity and distance of interaction change making that, if you carry a boomerang for example you can attack the enemy further away from your screen or almost touching the edge of your screen but if you carry a spear you will have to get closer to the enemy, then if you want to attack an enemy you must SEE him and have him in front of you, IT DOES NOT COUNT THAT YOU GIVE HIM THE ENEMY'S BACK, so if you don't look directly at a target or enemy you can't attack him SO THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS WHEN INTERACTING WITH SOMETHING and that for example if I want to attack a spider and I SEE IT the top PRIORITY is that I can attack that spider and not chester for example that is at my BACK, do you understand me? So when walking around the map I don't get the option to attack something that is behind my back or I'm not seeing it, thus improving the way of fighting and the Friendly Fire of the game :)

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