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nehio    2

Balance, performance and logically patching things.


Balance :

It's not out yet i understand that but it has ways to go, for instance the first available Biome is MUCH harder than the others because of lack of cool water (you have a fixed 2 cool steam vents and volcanoes wich you can't really tame early on, plus teleport gets you no more water).

Solar pannel need fixing yes, but the problem is once again power wise you don't get that many options, coal is very limited due to sheer size of asteroid, ranching is an option of course. But i feel like recently Klei has been patching things without adding the counterweight, one of the more obvious patches was the food one. Yes it was overpowered be we were not given new tools (early,mid,end) to deal with food preservation.

I love that sand is much scarcer and i finally have a use for Chlorine vent. In the same way i'd love to have uses for everything in the game. I feel like there are too many metal volcanoes, we should have the whole range of volcanoes arranged on the planetoids including some maybe new ones to cover everything in the game.


Performance... this is the MAIN problem for a lot of players, i understand the technical difficulties behind it all but we still need better performance.


Rockets, i've said this from the start and i'll say it again i dont like anything in the new rocket system, not a single thing about it. It's just my personnal taste

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aderae    8

1. DLC Terra start is definitely not beginner friendly anymore as cool water is impossible to reach. Swamp start is perfect in terms of this.

2. DLC Terra start: you have to manage heat as soon as possible because 2 steam geysers is generally very close to your starting area. This is a nightmare for new players

3. Actual uses for plastic. Whole game you are trying to set up a streamlined plastic manufacturing and once you've done it: you only get plastic beds and nothing more. Due to size of asteroids, I feel like transit tubes are not mandatory anymore which were the main plastic sinks

4. With the latest patch, both materials research and orbital research numbers are nerfed to too high. Main fun beings after having a drill cone but for that you have to grind research for hours. I don't mind working for different tiers of research but trying to grind this much is just too much. I know the balancing is not final yet but still..

5. This is more of a play style suggestion but since the idea is going from planet to planet and gathering different materials, maybe we can have  bigger liveable planetoids a bit far away then the current 3 like the classic terra map. This way we can organise and move all our dupes / resources to another planet to live in.

6. Rocket & gas management is a HUGE pain in the back right now. I don't want to deconstruct my rocket every 1-2 trips just to remove this annoying co2. I don't say it's not possible any other way but why would I bother?

7. Please give us blueprints already. I don't want to manually setup everything one by one in every single planetoid!

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Swoop5994    47

 shouldnt nuclear could mean something else than 50 steam turbines ? i would really like to have a way to use it to build <<diy>> reactors Of course that would mean have the way to control these reaction

Automation is still pretty basic if they were to add a nuclear molten salt reactor or anything a bit more challenging to keep efficient  that might need automation interplanetary, At the moment we have 4bits control signals but the timing of a clock  is still an issue, either of lag or the cables

Remove the Everysingle bolt  animation .make it a basic pixel blob or a static ray...these animations are ruinning the framerate even with a good computer

but its going well and great keep doing it !!  the thing im most afraid off i think is if they decide to call it done before diseases, nuclear, automation are not given a bit more dept.

I Love the dlc as it is coming so i beleive they will make some changes that will impact the use of ressources in the end-game (sinks) and also performances issues 

i pushed the binary a bit in an experiment trying to send various pulses to activate various function Wire lag and timers being a  bit too slow make it complicated 

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