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Chester ran away and I can't report bugs

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I was playing adventure mode. I loaded my save and when it finished loading my Chester just started running away for no reason. He'd previously been following me as normal before I closed the game. He just kept going and wouldn't stop, I couldn't catch up to him so I sped up my character with console commands. When I opened him he stopped running, but kept going after I closed him back up. I had to resort to taking all my items from him and spawning another one with console commands. His eye bone was in my inventory the entire time. I don't know what relevant files to link to help solve the problem so tell me if any are needed

Another unrelated problem is that the ingame bug reporting feature doesn't work for me. I tried reporting a bug on two separate occasions, one today and another one a long time ago (there's been loads of updates since), both times the game just told me "There was an error uploading your files".


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