Idea for new ocean content part 1: Specialized boats or new boat structures

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HowlVoid    2120

Tl;DR at the end (please read at least this)

Since we are getting more ocean content I thought I'd bring up new kinds of boats again. After seeing everyone's different boat layouts on a separate thread, I realized so many people like their boats for different purposes but they tend to lack space. I had an idea for boats or new nautical structures that specialize in a single aspect which would save both space and further add uniqueness between boats.

These would also all be improvements to the main boat, but I am unsure on how one would obtain the recipes.  I am not good at art you'll have to use your imagination lol.

The Chef's Specialty- This upgrade adds a thin marble flooring on the top of the boat. Something like this:



Obviously marble is very heavy even if its a very thin slice so the boat could be adorned with buoys around its circumference to help keep it afloat. 

The center is a retractable crockpot (the middle floor parts away to reveal the crockpot underneath) that can be lowered to maximize space in the center for walking and raised when one needs to cook. The space it takes up its slightly bigger than a normal crockpot but it can cook up to 2 dishes at once (one on each half). 

As a structure it would be a single retractable crockpot on the normal boat, but can be placed anywhere. 

The King's Bounty- This boat upgrade is for storage. It kinda looks like this:


It would be flat (picture is concept) and adorned with purely cosmetic shields all around its circumference (minus the plank side). The dragon head and tail are chests that have more space than normal (18 slots each?) But only occupy the space of 1 chest each. The boats shape may be a stretched oval to fit the theme better.

As structure you can craft the dragon head and place on your regular ship.

The oceans garden- Some like having lureplants, pig houses,etc on their boats for a quick snack or for long voyages. The idea I came up with is having a boat with some greenery on it, I dont have a concept picture for the boat but I do have one for the plant.


Essentially you are braiding 3 stone fruit bushes and placing it in a pot. The bush would look like a smallish tree and require 3 times the fertilizer for 3 times the output, but only taking a very small amount of space. Not sure where the tree would go... On a far edge of the boat probably. The boat itself may be overrun by vines in some areas not sure... Also thought about making the boat into a square and having 1 such bush at every corner but that may be op.

As a structure, well, same thing really; 3 braided stone bushes in a pot. 


The above boats are only concepts and not serious suggestions. 

The main point is, specialized boats that not only have the increased cooking/storage/food efficiency normally provided by one structure but also conserve space by doing so. The boats also help to provide everyone a more unique custom boat and experience.


Have new boat structures that may lack a unique appearance (would all be wooden) but are especially built for boats. They have better outputs/capacity than their land counterparts and take up less space but in exchange are more expensive (boat upgrades would be expensive too)


Extra boat ideas that may be redundant

Exploration boat- Has one large "parachute" sail that has the power of 3 normal sails but can be lowered with a single lever.

Pseudoscience boat- Runs on sanity and is adorned with thelucite and purple gems. When you are powering the boat with sanity, shadow hands appear and propel the boat by rowing with shadow oars and the purple gems light up the boat. Should you run out of sanity, then though luck lol, but wouldn't need any sails. 

If you try to build a sail the hands destroy it. 


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