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Just-guy    419
1 hour ago, clickrush said:

If I want specific crops I need to water them and talk to them regularly no? Or else they wont yield crop + seeds right? Or is there a minimalist approach where I get both but neither water nor talk to them?

If you want an specific crop you surely you'll have to pay more attention than just planting normal seeds with no thought but even then it's not too complicated or time consuming.

Plant the seed and talk to it one time after you planted them and you would get a crop and their seed, then give the crop to a bird in a birdcage, you now have two seeds to plant 2 crops, repeat and you'll get 4 seeds, then 8, then 16 and you'll have all the seeds you want and more.

If you don't want to tend them every time you plant a seed then you'll have to fight Lord of the Fruit Flies to get the Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit and spawn the Friendly Fruit Fly to tend the crops.

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Dr.Medic    482

but is reap what you sow realy a return of them update? like it literaly dont have anything to do whit them and all so by that i have to say the cave update was best because its lore in game in a way once you activate the machine you can get a machine that gets you the last pice of the moon and that is not behind an anoying boss no one likes it realy is an exploring update if anything else whit some building in it thanks to the turf builder machine so i have to say thats best update

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Mike23Ua    9856
2 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

well sure but does it realy conect whit it? like the farm update dont realy has anything to do whit it so thats why i say this

It’s confusing to be honest, at first it wasn’t called a return of them update- now I guess it’s being called one.. but in my personal list I’m not including RWYS as part of my Return of Them updates.

The reason as to WHY should be fairly obvious- but just encase it’s not here’s a quick run down- Every other Return of Them update has had something to do with the actual return of them plot- 

(You had to do something or go explore somewhere new to get the things to progress to Eye of the Storm)

RWYS was not part of this.. However what WOULD need to happen for me to include RWYS as part of that update chain: Gardens and more importantly large alienish crops.. were effected by the Moon/Moonstorm/Glass Moon or Whatever.

Yes as an Old School Horror movie fan I want Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

The TL:DR- (Spoilers for upcoming update)


The entire point of this whole RoT stuff revolves around interacting with the moon, building a summoning stage on Lunar Islands: killing the Celestial boss which in turn- Turns the moon to glass.

Therefore- RWYS is not part of RoT.

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DarkPulse91    1337

I would personally put troubled waters in C... Maybe B-

Because the mast upgrades for the lightning rod and fire pit help immensely with opening up more space on your boat, because both are rather large structures and need to be placed far away from other structures. Having them on your preexisting masts saves so much space  While the deck illuminator doesn't give heat or let you cook. The no heat can be seen as a good thing when it comes to summer. If you use thermal fish on your boat, then having a neutral heat light source can help reduce the amount of time you hold on to fish and thus reducing the amount of fish you need to properly cycle their freshness.

Sea weeds I find are a great addition because the barnacles that they give have some really great dishes with them and are a great meat alternative. And the Sea weeds aren't too much of a hassle, only needing a razor to harvest at night to have no issues.

The only thing about this update that keeps me from saying it's A/S is the rockjaws... High damage, annoying to fight in a small space, and NO loot to speak of. Not worth fighting and can kill you easily with one attack if not ready.

Rockjaws are the number one reason I play as wendy when sailing. As Abigail can help de-agro them as well as help you stunlock the rockjaws on your boat. I struggle fighting them as any other character.

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