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Why is this happening to my character's sprite?

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Sinoptenyx    11

 I'm working on my character's sprite, but for some reason, when doing certain things (talking and walking), her front hair goes behind her face, however, it doesn't happen when emoting (although they are movements too).
 It also stays locked in place whenever she is insane.
 I have no idea why this is happening, could anyone help me, please?


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IronHunter    639

This is a several year old issue that hasn't been fixed, klei's animations for this symbol are very buggy and generally unused by vanilla characters except for wheeler. I would suggest you write a bug report to hopefully get them to fix this.

In the mean time...a dirty solution is to just make the hair part of your face symbols or try to figure out how to incorporate swap_face or beard into your build and use one of those.

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