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way to make character know how to craft tech.lost recipe?

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I'd like my character know how to craft all fishing lures, but the hermit crab ones don't seem to unlock with just using code like



also is there an easy way to always have a tab unlocked like the fishing tab like how you can add ancient levels to your character with

inst.components.builder.ancient_bonus = 4

or did klei stop adding support for bonus stuff after the caves update :(? i imagine it'd be very difficult to add a bonus-like builder code for existing tabs like fishing and stuff for modder

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IronHunter    582

I am pretty sure the hermit crab recipes are not prototypeable which is required to unlock stuff permanently.

To get access to tech LOST without prototyping stuff you just need 10 science, 10 magic and 10 ancient bonuses. This does have a side effect of unlocking everything else in the process.

The least invasive solution is just to make a similar duplicate recipe that returns the same product but with a internal different name, ingredients etc, this way you can craft them by default without needing to remove the ability to get them for others.

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