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Zillvr    1795

Hello @goodlad212, welcome to the forums. These two screenshots you shared does not show enough information to determine the cause of the issue. Furthermore, Bug Reports about DST should go to with the following log files:

Don't Starve Together Log File (client_log.txt):

  • If you notice a critical error when playing Don't Starve together, close the game (to ensure that the log file gets fully written) and go into your Documents folder at Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\ and find "client_log.txt". Include the content of that file in your bug report.

MDMP File:

  • If you are playing on Steam, it may be helpful to provide us with your .mdmp file. It should be located in your Steam folders at: Steam > SteamApps > Common > Don't Starve Together Beta > bin > .mdmp

Go to the link above and click Add new Bug in the corner and attach your log files if they are available.

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goodlad212    1

Hello @Zillvr, I am very glad that you would like to help me with this glitch.
I have added the client_log.txt log file in both the post and this reply.
But i am having trouble finding the MDMP File i will post the file when I find it.
And what @Baguettes said above I am on a IMac


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