Problem With Extra Copy Key


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Tried the game right after reading about it on and pre-purchased it for early beta access after playing a bit. Love the game, very fun. I was excited to see I got an extra code to give to a friend with my purchase. I gave it to my partner and he added the game to Chrome and put in the CD Key. Instead of unlocking the game for him apparently it just popped him straight into the demo with a timer and everything, and when the timer ran out it was simply going to have him restart and the interface still reads demo. When he tries to enter the CD Key again to unlock the actual game it simply says invalid key. Not sure if he should've ran the demo out first before entering the CD Key or what happened, but I'm pretty disappointed he's not able to play the game. Any idea what's going on? Was I wrong in assuming the CD Key in the email was for an actual copy I could give to somebody?

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