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Can i get a free key for DST

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moettxxx01    0

i love this game so much i played it cracked but i vant to play it online vith other people but my parents are not letting me spend money on games and i really liked this game but i dont vant to play it cracked

also yes i cant buy it because the Economy in my country is bad and i cant buy it by myself because i dont have a credit card or my parents not let me buy it

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HowlVoid    5174

No one is going to give you a free code and I imagine this gonna get locked real soon.

Sorry about your country but Id try doing some work for relatives and/or neighbors. Let them know you can help them out with anything around their home for bit of cash. If you're young enough try asking grandma or grandpa. When I was very poor living in Mexico I ran errands for anyone who was willing (even just for a dollar/ 10 pesos back then). 

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