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Gouflax    74


I share with you my crude oil boiler. I tried to make an "all in one" setup that can be use with the oil wells loop.


Dimension : 35 x 18

I choosed here to use the heat of the petroleum to vaporise the polluted water of the generators to avoid to use water sieves.
Obvioulsy, before enter the boiler, the crude oil is not as hot as with a classic boiler (340°C).

The two thermal sensors are used as a security. If the crude oil inside the pipe or the petroleum near the pump are too hot, the door closes and the turbine cool the system.

In the steam chamber, the crude oil on the floor is used as a mass effect to instantly vaporate the polluted water (and avoid polluted oxygen). The doors close or open depending on the temperature.


First, the crude oil in entry in used to cool the generator chamber, and receive some heat.
Next, it enter in the steam chamber for a second heat exchange.
Then, the crude oil exchange heat with the petroleum.
Finally, it enter in the classic boiler.


There is 2 TA under the turbine. The first one work H24. The second TA activate sometimes to help the first one.


The setup produce a little less of 3750 water / second (1% of the polluted water is converted into dirt). Enough for more than 3 oil wells.

Here is the save file :

Boiler 4.sav



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JRup    264
9 hours ago, Gouflax said:

I left it in the generator room.

It shall haunt you like the ghost of christmas past.

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Craigjw    409

Submerge your oil vent into the petrol, it's just better.  It solves a bunch of headaches. Like this below.


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JRup    264
5 hours ago, Gouflax said:


Well, here's an option :mrgreen:


Slicksters are indeed an option... Minor additional care should be taken... These will sound like nitpicks but it's good to point out in case of doubt for those looking into ranching these.  I take it your proof of concept is not centered in the farm, but some minor risks loom from combining like this into the build.
A nice environment for molten slicksters is usually around 150ºC. Lower than that and chances are you'll spawn regular slicksters more often. (Nice potential naphta stairs you've got there...)

Molten slickster poop tends to be on the hot side but the atmosphere is CO2 so it balances out, "kinda"...

I've also noticed that slicksters tend to drown on game load if there's enough liquid to do so, even though they usually "float"...

Other than minor poop spills into the generator room, there don't seem to be too many risks with your farm...


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