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[mod concept] Pearls of Hesh

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AuntHerbert    23

OK, this mod is aimed at the achievement hoarders, who are still looking for more excuses to replay the game in more extravagant ways.

It starts with an offer from Plundak, everyone's favorite Mettle dealer, to buy an "item" for 3500 shill! This offer will appear for all grifters, but I think the only one able to collect such amounts of dough should be Sal, at day 4, if she spent her entire play-through maximising on collecting the shill and spending none of it. This is going to be an ongoing theme in the mod, it's options will be displayed for all grifters, but only one of them will be able to achieve it to progress to the next stage, and only if they dedicate an entire playthrough to solving the riddle.

If Sal buys the item, the "Roalonomicon, diary of a mad bilebroker" will appear in all future playthroughs as an option for all grifters, when they go to sleep. They can read one of the chapters, and then will have a nightmare, i.e. a crazy strong encounter, which usually can not be beat by a normal character build, unless you chose the right grifter, and the right amount of tricky interactions. I am thinking about stuff like having to be able to stun each round after the initial few turns, which only Smith can do with Jackpot, Power 8, and a small enough deck, or maybe Sal, if she gets her damage output to a level, where she can replay her flourish each turn.

The final reward for solving all the riddles will be probably somewhat underwhelming, more of a trophy with a bit of general usefulness. I am thinking about a small altar of Hesh in the bedroom, that allows to "forget" an experience, so either one free removal of a non-basic card per day, or the option to remove all experience from one of those basic cards with more than 2 possible upgrades and a new random choice which upgrades will be available for that card. So nothing really game-breaking, just a tool to optimize deckbuilding even further, and the knowledge that you really joined an exclusive club of riddle-solvers.

So far the plan, now the obstacles:

#1 I have no experience with Lua. I did a bit of programming in Pascal and some Basic dialects back in the 1980s, and think I grasp the general concepts of object programming, but I will definitely have to get used to a new syntax, and shed some rust and dust from my programming skills. Sigh, this may take a while, so don't fret if this takes a bit longer, or if I will re-up this thread with laughable noob questions.

#2 I also would like to gather more ideas for unlikely builds and feats to convert into more riddles. My ideas so far:

-Absolutely max out on shill

-stun every round

-have Smith own 2 pets by day 4

-end a negotiation by doing 500 resolve damage in a single turn

-..... that's a bit few over all. So, if anyone has tall tales of improbable feats to achieve in Griftlands, please unload more ideas here. 

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