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  1. 1. How often do you play dst?

    • Everyday for a few hours- I'm addicted to this game
    • Everyday for a bit- I don't have enough time/I'm satisfied with shorter sessions
    • Every now and then- It's nice but I think I'm starting to get bored
    • No more- I only log in for daily skins
    • No more- I no longer open dst, but am sticking around the forums
    • Update slave- I only arrive to milk the new content dry and then disappear

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RoughCactus69    380

1-2 times a week. I've been playing it even before I had a system that could play it. I would play on my friends PS4 when I went to his house. So yeah,




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Nin Ya    304

I play quite a lot lately as I am setting up farms and stuff. Sessions will be shorter once I get my mats quickly and achieve some boss hunt or decorations without need of grinding it manually. Without it it feels not good to stop.

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ArubaroBeefalo    8438

Right now the only replayability are characters (which is perfect, testing all the strats and ways to beat the game with character perks is so interesting) and building a different kind of base but the map, even being procedural, isnt so random, you can always know, with few ingame ours, how it will be like when you find moon rock you already know that all the rest of the biome will be a forest with spiders and 1 walrus camp, if you see a big savanna you already will know that there is nothing else, if you find a little rocky bione with savanna you know that you are in triple mctusk biome, etc

The lack of setpieces and the map not being so randome makes exploration a predictable proccess with few exceptions with rare or buggy seeds (pls pls pls add a lot of set pieces)

For caves this is even worts since all the set pieces from DS single player caves were removed for some reason and most of the biomes are useless except for some niche uses. I wish klei decide to refresh caves after RoT, caves need a lot of love to be interesting

And not having world progression just makes the game repetitive for long worlds and easy since the player acumulates a lot of resources and strong year but the only thing that changes is how much hounds comes to you. When i started playing the game with DS i though that the number of shadows that can spawn at the same time was related to the number of days survive. Also the weather is always the same and weak, would be fun to have more extreme temperatures, more weather effects, changes arround the map (making exploration after 1st autumn useful, some biomes arent visited never again after the 1st few hours of gameplay) , seasonal raids, etc to counter the "just thermal stone" """meta"""" making season more interesting and harder over time but more than harder, fun and not repetitive.

As others said in this topic and others, the thing that they made with the grotto war (a non intrusive biome change) was perfect, more things like that will be more than welcome. We have ancient gate and the mysterious energy as "long term task" that could have this effects over the world/players who participate

Right now im playing wurt and weather only affects me with which kind of fish i need in my inventory

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