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_Cole_    27

if you do not appreciate this, don't hate.

Fan art is very appreciated, as well as support and suggestions. NO DERAILING.


I was a short man by the name of Wilson P. Higgsbury. I lived alone for about half a decade. I always was a great scientist, yet it seemed at a later time that every experiment or contraption I conjured always failed. One day, as I was trying to cultivate some kind of potion that I can't remember, a burst of smoke produced by the chemicals caught me off guard. I went to sit down into the back chair when a radio suddenly came into my focus. "Say pal, looks like you're having some trouble!" an unknown voice crackled from the old radio. "I have secret knowledge I can share with you... If you are ready for it." I grabbed the radio eagerly and nodded yes, excited. "Okay then!" the radio said, followed by a small, demon-like laugh.

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