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Why can't I just kill Malbatross on land by teleporting him and myself with the telelocation centers and the staff? This is an equally valuable exchange, a lot of magical resources for fighting on the surface

When I teleport it, it just flies off into the sky

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Cheggf    3059

Should teleporting land bosses just disable their AI so you can effortlessly punch them to death? The entire fight is based around the way your boat works, and depends just as much on your management of the boat as your ability to dodge.

I'm also pretty sure that if she didn't despawn upon being teleported you could only use one telelocator focus since her AI would disable upon being far away from you and only re-enable when you get close to her, so that would only be 3 purple gems (which are easy to amass) to turn the fight into an auto-win.

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Well-met    5302
12 minutes ago, Blue Moth said:

That's actually incorrect! If she spawns near land and you can draw aggro with a ranged weapon, you can actually fight her on land! the one thing you need to watch out for is when she swoops, but that isn't usually a problem. Just tanking her is perfectly fine.


(photographic proof)

this is cool but its not guaranteed for those fishes to spawn close to granny

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On 3/7/2021 at 4:41 PM, ADM said:

Same reason as why you could not just make it that way with Crab Kind I'd say, Malbatross is not really comparable to it but these fights exclusively "shine" from being ocean bosses, all the tactics used during that fight is about damaging / moving the boat and what's on it. That, by itself, limits your actions and make it different than basics fights somewhere else.
If it was just on land, well, that would be a flying Deerclops basically, the cost of such techniques could be very optimised to just 3 immediate purple gems by teleporting it on the spot and having a second player doing the job, which isn't much, rest of what you needed for the teleportation can be useful for later so that would just be a quite cheap cheesing.
Still we can admit the Malbatross loots aren't very important, but just having a boss with ways to counter its very main component is boring imo, and I do think the same of other bosses of the game that are so commonly cheesed.

the joke is that I build two telelocation centers at once, teleport the boss first, and then myself, which is why it's not as cheap as you say.

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