How to change the position of Krampus Sack Inventory?

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lakhnish    2076

I would like to move the location of my Krampus Sack to be more up from where it currently is.

I'm not exactly sure how to do that though unfortunately. Any tips or help would be appreciated.


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penguin0616    896

NOTE: This assumes you are on the beta.
You can run this in the console or with a mod. Needs to be ran on the client.

require("containers").params.krampus_sack.widget.pos = Vector3(-5, -120, 0)

-120 is the default Y value. I think around -20 or 10 might be what you want?
Positive = move UI up, Negative = move UI down

Need to drop the backpack and pick it back up to take effect.

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