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It's just a small thing, but please, make the chest signing with sign table much more simple.

Maybe if we give a special mini slot to all chest which is a dedicated sign slot where you can place only minisign or make a sign chest option instead of simple plant function. The problem is, if we have more chest, nearly impossible to place sign correctly and it can only be seen from 1 direction. If other players have different point of view, they always have to turn the camera. Because we will have a chest update, it would be nice to do it too. 

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I would also like this.

Making those signs takes more time and rare resources than killing some bosses!

What if they made the Feather Pencil unlimited to use for drawing, while disappearing if used to make map and other items.

And the way you place them is: You plant the Minisigns, hold the Feather Pencil with your courser on them and click, then a screen appears, looking like a closeup Minisign, not covering the UI and whatever item you pick from your inventory and drop on that screen, it gets drawn and the screen closes. (It doesn't have to show a drawing closeup animation, but a scribbling lines effect that disappears along the screen after 1 sec, and then the small icon appears on the Sign.

The above idea is a bit complicated and gives too much attention to Minisign detail, so another alternative would be just having pre-made squares called "Storage Location" or something, when you place it, it's just 9 perfectly placed Minisigns, missing the Chests and the drawings! (This structure costs 3 Boards.)

As a third suggestion, we could have a Chests reworked to have a little sign near them by default, without changing their space consumption, Plus a bar and an icon inside the chest above the storage slots, allowing us to to select an Icon by placing something from the Chest or Inventory on it, for example Gold Nuggets, and write a describtion near it, so whenever a player opens the chest, they know what to place in it, and the selected icon will also show up on the Sign outside.

As a fourth suggestion, if changing artwork was not possible or a bad idea, we could upgrade the Chests with a Minisign by holding it over them and clicking, which would create the features above.

As a fifth suggestion, (No I'm kidding lol.)

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