Custom Dialog When Merms Follow Wurt

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This is the current dialog for any character :
MERM_TALK_FOLLOWWILSON   = {{"Will come with you.", "Flort glut."}, {"Make Mermfolk strong!", "Blut gloppy Glurtsu!"}, {"You help Mermfolk!", "Glut Glurtsu flopt!"}, {"You okay.", "Florpy flort."}},
Would be cool if there was special dialog when they are following Wurt!
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"bring glory back to mermkind!" "Scale less not understand we just like them." "Wurt little but strong!" "Show mermkind life beyond swamp!" "Hungry... May go home soon" "Not feel so good" "Fight! Defend princess Wurt!" "Chop trees easy for merms" "Will break rocks, easy!" 

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