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DarkPulse91    1341

Yeah. If rock jaws had some kind of special drop. That would make them much more tolerable to encounter.

The idea of a boat upgrade that makes boats break even less would be pretty nice. 

Maybe to balance it. It could give your boat a temporary health bar or something. Maybe around 50 HP? And while that is there, the boat can't get any holes from impacts (unless the damage is greater than the remaining HP)

That way, it won't make your boat invincible, but you won't be punished as much for looking at your map while sailing. And if you are still careful, then you could get away with a lot more stuff and still get another one by the time it breaks

Having this kind of thing would be AMAZING for boat bases out at sea. I have lost multiple boat bases just because a gnarwail tried to attack a shark and caused waves that made my boats collide. So being able to prevent holes like this would make that experience much less headache inducing

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