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On the new boss grafts

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ZeppMan217    365

Figured it might be worth dropping some thoughts in regards to the new boss grafts.

We'll start with the new Combat Boss grafts:

  • Heirloom Knucks (neutral): very easy to work around early on, gets a bit messy if you have a lot of Replenish cards or natural draw;
  • Reckless Idol (neutral): -2 DEF from cards makes DEF abilities better but other than that, gotta be really careful with planning your defense strategies (unless you're a Moxie huffing Smith);
  • Truncheon (Sal): free energy if you don't use Bleed, not much else to it. An extremely lenient and narrow downside given the other character's boss grafts;
  • Un-Marked Weapons (Rook): no DEF from empty cells makes the gun cell reduction upgrade more appealing than the increase. Just gotta make sure you're packing those Tight Spots and Levers;
  • Klipper (Smith): -15 max HP is bloody unreasonable on a character that uses his health bar to slap people around. At Prestige 5+, Smith would have less max HP (33) than bloody Rook (42), and Rook doesn't even need to punch himself in the face to get going. This one really needs a buff, something like -10 max HP, cause it's just too painful to take otherwise, especially when compared to all the neutral boss grafts.

Next up are the new Negotiation Boss grafts:

  • Brain Harp (neutral): changed in Experimental from doubling the spill over damage against you to adding +2 to it, which is fair and relatively easy to avoid if you stick with Diplomacy and all the Composure cards;
  • Jarackle Janglers (neutral): 2 damage to the core isn't too bad, especially for Sal and Smith who have either resolve restoring options or self-damage synergy, or both. Bit more yucky on Rook early on but nowhere near bad enough to pass +1 energy;
  • Shrokian Glamour Stones (neutral): no help from bystanders, no problem. Basically free energy;
  • Scholar's Clip (Sal): makes Influence and Dominance decay by 1 every turn. Annoying for Dominance because it decays naturally, not too bad for Influence decks because pumping Influence is pretty easy;
  • Swamp Haunt (Rook): a free Bog Enlightenment? Don't mind if I do;
  • Finely Crafted Amulet (Smith): similar to Scholar's Clip but for Renown. Don't use Renown and it's free energy.

Reckless Idol and Klipper could use some fine tuning, and Truncheon's downside seems a bit too one sided given the broad downsides of Un-Marked Weapons and Klipper. All in all, very nice and much needed additions.

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