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minespatch    89337
8 minutes ago, Kevin said:

play kashio's intro music when you see her in the bar for the first time

Oh yeah, that's gonna be neat when I play again.

You should add some country music when you meet Rug or Krog. Give those two kra'deshi's a special theme since they're sad woobies.

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qwerjk    8
1 hour ago, Kevin said:

Increased the cost of Shrewd by 1 and gave it Burnout

So, I'll probably never use it.

2 cost is OK, or Burnout is OK. But, 2 cost and Burnout ? How much cost do you think I have ? 5 cost, 6 cost ,or more ?

I don't know if the enemy will attack when I get it. If not, it's a really rubbish. It will always expand or always waste 2 cost . So why should I choose it?

It's Shrewd ? No, it's Stupid !

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ZeppMan217    365

I'm inclined to agree with @qwerjk. For sure, Shrewd's ability to completely negate a target's attack damage is very strong, especially given Shrewd's independence from any prerequisites. However, at 2 cost and with a Burnout to boot, it might just not be worth the hassle to draft at all. Rook's Energy Loop and Tight Spot are both examples of a better balancing approach, having Burnout on the base version, retaining their 1 cost, and offering an upgrade that removes Burnout.

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