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Nintendo Switch - LUA Error report traceback


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I have purchased Don't Starve for Nintendo Switch today, I created my first custom world and started playing, after a few gameplay days this error showed up at the screen. I can't click on anything nor use the menus nor go back, the only option left is to force the game to shutdown manually.

I'll await response,
Júlio Lopes
Full Stack Developer & Software QA Tester


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Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the game. Are you playing on a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite?

Could you clarify for us if you are running into this issue when playing a custom world only? Or does this happen with a default world as well?

Which DLC do you have enabled or have made compatible with this particular save file? 

Is Don't Starve installed in your Switch's internal memory, or on a sd card? 


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@JanH very good questions on which I forgot to add those answers first hand, they are the following:

Console: Nintendo Switch v1
Firmware & software: Latest & updated v11.0.1

Don't Starve
Version: Latest v1.0.6
Character: Wagstaff
Custom World: Yes, custom chosen options
Default World: Did not play yet
DLC: DS only, no Giants, no Shipwreck
Installation: SD Card

I have moved the game into the system's internal storage and I'll see it the error continues.

Best regards,
Júlio Lopes
Full Stack Developer & Software QA Tester

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