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Mike23Ua    11220

I like Winona’s Quotes for Examining and eating holiday cheer & Wendys Quotes for trying to use tell tale heart on Abigail and examining a lava pool.

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fierysage1    961
2 hours ago, W0l0l0 said:

I love the quotes. Anyone know where I can find the quotes the characters make while carrying marble? I know WX can say: "MAKE THE VIKING FLESHING CARRY IT" when looking at the marble pieces which always makes me chuckle. 

On the fandom wiki, you'd find those quotes under "Encumbered (carrying heavy object)."

Speaking of finding quotes on the wiki, I think it might be a little outdated, because I can't seem to find the quotes for when the characters talk to the plants, a feature added in the Reap What You Sow update, yes? 

Oh, also, there doesn't seem to be any mention of the Garden Rigamajig either, just farms. I started playing DST sometime after that update, so I have never seen any farms in the game myself.

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