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Incorporating these mods into the base game would be nice :
Trap Reset
Just makes it more pleasant to interact with traps and not having to drag the trap from your inventory to the same place you just picked it up from.

No Mods Warning

When making mods, the game will crash alot as you're trying to make your mod, having this mod warning is annoying, atleast have an option in the menus to permanently disable it.

Minimap HUD

Sticky Recipe

Geometric Placement

Makes building nice bases easier.

Sanity Volume Limiter
The sanity sounds get old when you're insane for longer periods of time.
[TMIP]Too Many Items Plus

Basically the creative menu in minecraft, useful when debugging mods and when building for fun.

Overlays Disabler

Realistic Placement

Most structures don't allow for tighter placement, being able to place them closer allows for neater base designs.

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On 2/16/2021 at 11:26 PM, VampireMonkey said:

Uncapping the FPS and releasing a 64bit version of the game for PC players would be great too.

That would be amazing, I can't imagine what dst would look like with animations which aren't locked to 30fps if it's even possible! In spriters all the animations look so damn smooth it makes me so sad it's not like that in game.

On 2/16/2021 at 11:26 PM, VampireMonkey said:
  • Remember Client mods on a per server basis. Server mod settings are saved per server, the client mods should be too, or atleast have an option to pick between the 2 modes.
  • Some way to increase the load distance around the player, to keep things further away loaded.
  • More variety in the appearance of creatures, this could be done with a skin pack, just having something to make Pigs not look exactly the same would be nice.
  • More variety in the menu music, it's like 10-20 seconds for the same track replaying all the time, it gets old fast.


Incorporating these mods into the base game would be nice :

No Mods Warning

Geometric Placement

Sanity Volume Limiter

Overlays Disabler

I agree with all these 100% I feel they would fit perfectly in the game and just make it much much better :D!


Some personal things I'd like for QoL I think would be nice is

  • Have the malbatross watering can able to use seawater to water crops
  • Have more HD textures for commonly seen stuff such as grass, berry bushes, rocks, boulders, trees, flowers, ect.
  • Allow players to switch their worlds between online and offline mode post-creation then you can play on your 100+ day online world with no hassle when you have no access to the internet (even if this means you can't earn skins on that world I wouldn't mind)
  • Allow players to switch the world's gamemode post-creation (like switch between wilderness, endless, ect.)
  • Have option to tone down the insane saturation filter effect, it makes things like being insane during winter horrible you can't see nightmares at all and the snow is so bright its popping out of your screen and melting your eyes
  • Have options to disable pop-ups from happening except for the first time for things like saying "are you sure you want to create an offline world?", "Charlie will miss you cause you'r exiting the game!", "If problems arise cause of mods Klei won't help you!", "the game crashed last time you played and all mods have been disabled!", "data collection is disabled the game won't be able to be online and you can't use DLC", ect.
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Mike23Ua    9290

Actual pause button.

Ability to create a Chest similar to the Ender Chest from Minecraft (you can place items in but only you can see the items you place in) it makes coop in public sessions less likely to have someone else steal your stuff- and now that multiple people can Rummage through the same storage box at the same time.. this makes perfect sense.

More World Gen & World Gen Settings- I want stuff like Archipelago world Gen, permanent full moons, toggles for Return of Them related stuffs, etc.

Willows lighter refuelable, Winona’s Spotlight buffed

ability to choose starting belonging skins from compendium page.

ability to disable insanity sound effects for people who have problems with them.

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Stackable blueprints, adverts, and statue sketches.

Abigail shouldn't attack neutral creatures unless Wendy does first, when riled up.

When shift-clicking items to move them, if you have the backpack open and a container the item should go to the container and not the backpack.

When you click to place something and you fail to place it, the item should remain on your cursor instead of going into your inventory.


Considering the Beta now adds a ton of new settings in world gen this is the perfect time to add sliders to those options, something i suggested a tiny while ago.
Or even a group option that overrides all other options in that category, just to cut down on repetitive clicking.


Shift-clicking on a Bird Cage with a stack of items will consume the whole stack so you don't have to give the Bird 1 item at a time.

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