Should Xbox get mod support kind of like fallout does it

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Hornete    7396
11 minutes ago, xxmachinegun said:

After thinking about it for a while i was wondering if any other console players would enjoy that feature

How does Fallout do it?

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HowlVoid    1080

There is an alternative method to the way it is implemented in Fo4. Mod packs, as seen in The Binding of Isaac and Divinity original sin 2, gives them more control in what is released. This also means they don't have to go out of their way to implement whole new features in the game as well as jump through Sony's many, many hoops.

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Mike23Ua    9599

Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Skyrim those support mods on consoles but they’re limited only to what Sony/Microsoft deems appropriate.

Minecraft is also a game with many many many mods and if you play Minecraft on PC or Smartphone you can download those mods for free- Console players however.... have to Buy those mods from the store.

Because when it comes to Sony/Microsoft: Anything that’s completely free is illegal & they should be making profit off those mods.

I hate it.... but it’s also the reason I opt to just play Minecraft on my Tablet instead of being bonded to Microsoft/Sony’s dumb rules.

If DST was to ever be made available for smartphones I bet 100$ it would get mod support before the Xbox/Playstation versions did.

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