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how to change the skin character with this command?

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red1500z    0


hello I used this code from alainmcd and wanted to know if anyone knows any way for the character to change his skin (use google translator)


local function onmoonphasechange(inst, phase)
    if not inst:HasTag("playerghost") then        --only apply if the player is alive
        local health_max = 150
        local damagemult = 1
        if phase == "new" then
            health_max = 50
            damagemult = 0.8
        elseif phase == "quarter" then
            health_max = 70
            damagemult = 1
        elseif phase == "half" then
            health_max = 90
            damagemult = 1.2
        elseif phase == "threequarter" then
            health_max = 110
            damagemult = 1.3
        elseif phase == "full" then
            damagemult = 1.5
            health_max = 150
            damagemult = 2
        --SetMaxHealth set the current health to the max, so use this workaround to keep the current percentage
        local health_percent =, true)
        --we do this check in case there are other multipliers applied
        local newdamagemult = (inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier or 1)
                             / (inst.moonphasedamagemult or 1)
                             * damagemult
        inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = newdamagemult
        inst.moonphasedamagemult = damagemult

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Bigfootmech    23


Do you mean this?

Or do you mean for him to change appearance of the default skin, based on the moon phase?

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