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Ice-pumpkin    6
2 minutes ago, Devin12 said:

1997, China promised that Hong Kong's existing capitalist system and way of life would be unchanged for 50 years.

2021, tencent promise Klei.....

It's two different things,as Hong Kong belongs to China,tencent is just a company.

(Merchant contract stuff is legal,any company breaking it is going to be punished-then no more control.) (at least in my opinion)

and I haven't heard about anything that claims the promise is broken


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Cosheeta    369
1 hour ago, pyroisshy said:

Klei, how could you do this. Now evil commie China will know that i am a wormwood main. Next time why don't you sell your data to a proud American company like Google who sells our data to the CIA, because then our most sensitive data wouldn't be going to torturers, but to fighting communism.

Yes, google the american. The globalist american

1 hour ago, Well-met said:

because 1. klei has expressed how much this partnership will help them out and they wouldn't have done it if it was a bad deal

2. i'm pretty sure dont starve's chinese playerbase overshadows everyone else by a massive margin so they're obviously the target audience by now and we are not

3. for now this changes virtually nothing about one liking klei or one playing their games

once I get bored with DST i'll jump ship like many people will but not until then

either way morals and ethics aren't paying the bills. this is just computers and videogames after all.


1&4. :'D *clap* Boiiii. Morals and ethics ain't paying the bills Loooord hallelujah
I feel like, the nature of morals and ethics means that they aren't just reducible to computers and videogames. But ah, if these handfuls of guys needs lunch for a year. Compromising data, what people are now describing as their saviour during Covid Lockdowns. Ooof. And by conclusion those consumer's experience. Spicy.
2. Yeah wonder how that happened, maybe years of seducing wolves makes them integrate, demand adjustments to the new pack. (Uh, off topic but for record; just to disclose my stance, seducing the government and companies of power as intent that is, not the innocent people, although reaching corruption through manipulating those people's spirituality of course)
3. Absolutely when you say their game, with emphasis on for now. On a personal note, I'd argue the rust was growing and damage already caused since just before DST's launch. Klei themselves? Suppose, I mean there are a lot of fans trying to hold on to hope I see. Still even they at this point consider it a bad move all around. And like I mentioned about just before DST's launch, to me this very forum along with the extended community on the outside seems to have been slowly alienated into a purge. A lot of talent vanished.
My man, I'm starting to think you're a deliberate planted strawman. You're giving me exactly all I've ever wanted to hear bluntly confirmed.
But yeah. We're not target audience, and I've said as much before but I'm not proud of sticking around ever since. Maybe I can partly lampshade it with morbid curiosity.

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minespatch    89313
1 minute ago, 00petar00 said:

Do you really believe that Tencent would out of their goodwill advertise DST to Chinense players? I am sure you have already noticed that DST was on Tencent game WeGame platform in like 2016 or 2017 if i remember correctly?

  On 11/19/2016 at 12:39 AM, minespatch said:

Have you seen Tencent's romantic partners mod?! :wilson_ecstatic:

  On 11/19/2016 at 1:43 AM, Pyr0mrcow said:, but I'm intrigued by the implication that it's probably terrible?

  On 11/19/2016 at 1:48 AM, minespatch said:
  On 11/11/2016 at 2:56 PM, Arlesienne said:

On top of this being utterly imbalanced and making no sense in the context of DST whatsoever, I saw the style of the thing and something died in me.

Children dear, compare and contrast these two!


You can click the arrow in quotations to check the thread out.

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taako bell    268

like to be clear i think tencent is awful BUT you don't have to worry about dst itself from what we actually know. the issue here is with tencent itself and its goals and methods as a company. saying "dst is ruined i'm never playing it again" is unrealistic and absolutely jumping the shark. feel free to boycott klei or refund the game, i'm far beyond the refund mark but i'm probably not going to be buying any skins from now on lol, but the game and creative direction itself is probably going to be fine.

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minespatch    89313
1 minute ago, taako bell said:

to be clear i think tencent is awful

Just wished Klei would unhide that thread were people talked about the romantic partners mod. That thread was hilarious cringe.:wilson_ecstatic:

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