A Wendy mains suggestion on how to properly NERF Wendy

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Mike23Ua    9670

Okay so a lot of PC players are saying Wendy is OP please Nerf: but those very same people suggest that the reasons she is so OP is because THEY are doing things and interacting with features that I (as a Console player) CAN NOT or can’t do “as effectively” as they can.

Them: oh Abigail is OP because if she gets close to death I can just recall her and heal her up applying potions when/as needed.

Me: Console players have to get within Spear smacking distance of Abigail to return her to her Flower, and often times that directly puts the Wendy player themselves in  direct danger.

I suggested to simply Nerf PC so they are playing the same way console players do as One possible solution and I was immediately hit with “No”

So now I think I may have came up with a solution that solves the problem for both PC & Console simultaneously at the same time.

Despite Wendy’s Rework now never needing Abigails flower to EVER have to leave Wendy’s Inventory you can still (questionably) craft more Abigail flowers.. and I couldn’t help but wonder why is this??

But as a Wendy main I have noticed that in the recall in particular: She goes through a very specific animation of literally tearing that very flower to shreds...

That right there should be your Wendy Nerf- recalling Abigail destroys the flower requiring the crafting of a NEW flower, and in addition- as long as Wendy is completely without Abigail she feels helpless & all alone, it broke Wendy’s heart the FIRST Time she had to separate with Abigail... each additional time she has to do it breaks her heart a little more.

(on a harder difficulty I would love it if each time Abby was lost it directly damaged Wendy’s Health Core as well.)



Perhaps even make it so she can only craft the flower again At her special Sisturn.

I love Wendy.. and if she has to get any type of Nerfs I would want something proper like this & not the removal of her damage or petal buffs.


These buffs that people declare as OP also just so happen to help her the most to in being more of a TEAM Player: Like for example if I’m playing as Wigfrid and my friend is playing Wendy then Abigails petal buff will greatly assist my Wigfrid in fights like Dragonfly (I did this with a friend so it’s not just something I THINK will happen, it’s Something I KNOW happens.) without Abigails buff it took me 3x as long and a lot of frustrated cries of failure.

Not only are all the animations for ripping the flower already there.., but it also puts PC & Console on the same playing field because NEITHER of us can now recall and heal up Abigail anymore without needing a whole new Abigails flower. :wilson_love:

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HowlVoid    1437

 Not sure. When I used to play as Wendy I didn't really struggle to unsummon her. Its true you have to be really close to her but healing her is as easy as applying the potion to the flower itself. You can also swap the auto-lock target to abigail and hit her to unsummon her which is relatively quick.

 More frantic fights like bee queen require you to be more attentive. If she was close to dying Id pop her a potion and retreated to where I can heal her. Even if she wanst close to dying Id have to retreat anyways as unsummoning her near a swarm is impossible when being constantly hit.

  I'd like instead for console players to be able to unsummon abigail from any distance. Applying limitations found on one platform to another is kinda unfair. I mean imagine how crippled Wortox would on pc if he was given a similar sentence. Instead Klei should work on keeping all characters on par mechanics wise.

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xxXolot    48

I agree with @HowlVoid and I would also think It would probably be better if console players can unsummon Abigail at any distance, but I have been thinking about the same thing of Abigail's Flower should be destroyed at some point, so the crafting recipe exist beyond the use of changing Abigail's skin, like Bernie.

My suggested change would be following:

Abigail's Flower will wilt or be destroyed when Abigail lose all of her health.

If going with the wilt option, when wilted, Abigail's Flower will spoil in 6 day like any other flower.

This probably didn't solve other player's issue of "Abigail is OP because I can just keep her alive by unsummon her", so if I were to come up with a couple more nerf it would be:

Abigail does not regenerate health unless applied with a potion or Abigail only regenerate health when unsummoned.

Now instead of the image that Abigail does all the free work, Wendy have to actively keep her sister in shape.

I think this fits as Abigail's death should be devastating to Wendy as you said. maybe even give 50 reduction on Wendy's sanity when Abigail dies, instead of 30.

Also to somewhat compensate the nerf / spice things up, add a new potion that use Beard Hair as ingredient, this potion either can be applied to wilted flower to revive flower or can be applied to a live Abigail's Flower, both will revive Abigail with a penalty of Abigail being set back to previous level (e.g. if she dies when she have 600 max health she would revive with 300 max health)

sort of like a meat effigy for Abigail but potion. This provide two choice of bring back Abigail, 1. craft more flower with Nightmare Fuel, 2. craft revive potion with Beard Hair to give your sister an insurance policy. Both option need to go through some insanity shenanigans, which just so happens to fit the fact that she lose huge chunk of sanity when Abigail dies and need to go through the insanity to bring her sis back again.

Or even more, I sometime thought how come why Wendy have all the same stat as Wilson when this little nerdy girl is 10 years old and Wilson is at 30s, maybe straight up cut Wendy's Max health or Wendy lose some Max Health when summoning Abigail because Wendy would sacrifice anything including her blood / health condition to get her sis back. The lost Max Health can be restored by unsummon Abigail but if Abigail is destroyed, need to be restored via Booster Shot. Or she need to do extra hit on wood / boulder due to she doesn't hit very hard / is a child. This balance out the fact that she is very good at collection small mob resource but inefficient at collecting static resource that require labor.


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Accidentally sent while still typing + extra idea + explanation

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W0l0l0    275

I generally trust and respect players that recognise that their favourite/most played characters need a nerf for the greater good.

I like this idea. My question is: would the petal buff also need a change or would this be sufficient? Only one way to find out, but be sure to speculate.

One idea I will throw out is buffing Abigail's area of effect instead when you attack one of her targets, allowing more effective mass removal but still being less effective when using a weapon, and less damage stacking shenanigans. I haven't thought too much about the broader implications though.

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