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Pirate Birdcage and Mini Monument for PS4

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Cheggf    2077

I think I remember someone saying earlier that consoles lack the capability of doing that, but maybe I'm misremembering and just lying to you right now...

9 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

There is no special skin for owning Hamlet correct?

You get Wormwood!

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Mike23Ua    9271

They found a work around for console players being unable to redeem Funko pop skins, so I’m certain they’ll find a work around for this as well.

My suggestion would be that your product ID code for the DLC might would also be the code for Redeem of the skin- But I’m not a game developer or even a Website creator so I have no clue if that would actually work. :wilson_vforvictory:

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