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red_fire257    10

Hello dear Klei.
I am the world champion of Shank & Shank 2 and I am also a big fan of the Shank series (I prefer Shank 2 more)

I want to thank you for Shank! I continue to be a Shank fan. I am constantly evolving, and even once, I beat 30 waves in a solo with no damage! all 3 maps.
Apart from that, I also write all kinds of useful and well-designed guides.
Shank 3 has absolutely no need for a series ... yes, I'm a fan who doesn't want Shank 3 ...
I think it would be better to give an update to Shank 2 or even a remaster. Klei, just know that there are still people in the world who care about Shank! me too.

I know absolutely everything about Shank & Shank 2, I am truly a truly real Shank fan and I want you to give Shank something new, this reviving more of the community ...

And yes everyone have a happy Christmas!

One of my guides:

My Shank 2 speedrun (WR): 


My profile in - 




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