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Kicked out of Klei Official Server by glitch (not player)


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Hey Klei!

I was just starting a new day, when I found myself disconnected from the server. I know that I wasn't banned or kicked because I was playing pretty nicely and helped the whole team out. However, when I tried rejoining, it seemed like I was unable to do so because the roster's full, and curiously, with me inside the list of "people in server" too. Attached below is screenshot, where I'm called CheetoJesus on steam.


Local time is in same timezone as Vancouver, which is 2:55am. Please look into this, thank you! I have experienced this once before on a pub as well. I tried rejoining, and it said something about "server is not responding". 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



Platform: Mac on Steam

Version: latest, as of 12/29/2020

Steps to reproduce: not 100% sure, but server logs should mention something if 12/29/2020 still has logs from 2:55 am and maybe a few minutes before that. I tried relogging to see if my problem was fixed, and it wasn't.

Addendum: issue was fixed after waiting several minutes, at 3:03am I can get back in again. I don't know how it was solved, but I exited DST for a bit and then re-entered to check if I could enter at that point. The server was at 4/8 full at that point, and I was no longer listed as being on the server too, so I logged back in with no problems. Strange little bug though. 

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