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Need Help in Adding and Applying a New Font

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AFS Co.    51
Assets = {
    Asset("FONT", "fonts/")

TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM = "talkingfont_wormwood_custom"

AddPrefabPostInit("wormwood", function(inst)
    inst.components.talker.fontsize = 40
    inst.components.talker.font = TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM

This is my code for applying new Wormwood font. It seems to have no problem to load the mod and join in server, but the game crashes as my Wormwood say anything, leaving no noticeable error traceback or something. Could anyone give me some helping hand?

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AFS Co.    51

Status update: I just tried to insert it directly into FONTS table:

local TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_KR = "talkingfont_wormwood_custom"

table.insert(GLOBAL.FONTS, {filename = MODROOT.."fonts/", alias = TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD_CUSTOM, fallback = fallback_wormwood})

--fallback_wormwood is well-defined as well

and this worked. I set the fallback for the custom font to TALKINGFONT_WORMWOOD. But some Unicode glyphs doesn't show, so I want to set secondary fallback or something. Any good method?

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