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Ocean content stretch and new-old character: Woodlegs!

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ArcerPL    18

Current sea in Don't starve together for me is WAY too empty and WAY too much based on fighting crab king, there's basically nothing to do here, i know this may be for a purpose, but it's just too boring to travel/live on sea, thus i have come with idea to give more ocean content. 

Firstly, we need to base what do we want to add in the new sea update, i think slight touch of shipwrecked won't hurt, but most of that should be original, i''ll hit shipwrecked and non-shipwrecked into two segments, read the stuff first, then i will come to where it will appear:

a) shipwrecked stuff coming to together:

- Limpets - a good renewable food when you're travelling on sea on run out of stuff to eat, they would grow on rocks across the sea, and just outside of the main land

- Crocodog - To differ them from hounds, they will have actually different attack, they will chomp on your boat when there's time for hounds to come, because let's be honest, hound are very easy to kite, avoiding the boat damage however is hard to manage, just look at the crab king, he can literally destroy your boat in seconds without proper preparation and maybe a friend to help, if you come on land, they will follow you like hounds, but will have klaus-like chomp to get to you (not same in damage, but will 'jump' into you)

- coffee plants - ah yes, good ol' coffee comes back to don't starve, but before you lament coffee is too op for together, i understand, i'm about to give it changes, speed is too important in don't starve, so let's change it! Instead of giving you 80% speed up, it will give you only the walking cane speed up, but for the payoff, picking up berries/grass/twigs will be 25% faster and chopping/mining will be 15% faster. You won't be able to put spices on coffee and coffee will always overwrite honey crystals, so you won't get the insane chopping/mining speed, it could include overwriting walking cane, so no bonus speed from it either. it will also make you row faster when on boat. They will regrow up to 3 days to give the payoff of the nerf.


b) non-shipwrecked stuff coming to together:

- Swimming trash - yes, it might sound ridicolous, but hear me out, when you are on deserted island, trash is actually insanely useful for you, because it's a resource that can have multiple uses in survival, for example an empty barrel can use as a boat or food storage without leaving it on the ground, but ok, let's get to the point i want to say. This trash will come in multiple varieties, to be preciseful, we would have plastic, foil, compost and used tools like hammers

Plastic will be a new resource that you can use with rocks and charcoal to filter the water from ponds, making a new crockpot recipes: stews, this will throw away the meaty stew from making it from 3 meats and anything other, because let's be fair, it's insanely easy to farm those, and it is enough to make warly ignore food, because 2 meaty stews (and if not enough, one meatball) can make him stay long enough to survive 2 days without food, and then the cycle repeats. (they won't be shaped like a regular plastic bottle, they were invented way after don't starve had place)

Foil on the other hand will be like a frankly worser salt fridge making meats last a tiny wee bit longer, it will have only 2 slots, nothing more. it is just to have a backup pierogi/meatballs and not worrying that they will spoil fast. Also this bag will ignore toadstool effect on food, because foil actually is just resistant, this means it would be extremely worth it to go searching for it if you want easier misery toadstool fight, because let's face it, this fight gives you straight up trash that is only usable for wolfgang and warly because it decreases hunger drain, but makes food spoil faster, the foil could prevent that.

(Btw, plastic was invented in 1907 and foil was in 1903, and wilsong was brought to don't starve world in 1921, so don't tell me this is too futuristic)

Walrus varieties - ever thought from where mactusk was appearing? yeah, this could explain more about that guy, since it's beyond logic how does he materialise in winter from basically nowhere, the varietes are:

- Female Walrus (not sure of the name though) - fully passive mob, will run after you hit her, she is like crabby hermit, she will ask about mactusk, if you bring any of his drops to her, she will be depressed, but will give you crafting recipe for tam o'shanter, if you come with walking cane in hand, she will attack you just like the pigs do, calling you a monster. It's just explanation why mactusk has a kid with him. After you gave her the walrus tusk, she won't appear again until next winter. She won't drop anything upon death, for making you see how cruel you are.

- other Mactusks - just like pigs, but more distanced from you, basically they won't be passive, non aggresive to you until you harm/do something nice for them.  They will always run from you even when you're not that close. if it comes to drops, they basically drop one meat, and will drop the tusk, but with extremely low chances, and they won't spawn again until it's winter. If you do something nice to them however (for example giving them firepit) they will be friendly to you and if you help them enough, one of the walrus will give you dog whistle,which will pacify any ice hound coming at you and making it netrual against you (so as long as you don't hit that hound, you can at least have a little slack from those types)

(no idea what to add more for walruses, so it's up to you guys)

- Sugar cane - New food item, that warly can use to make spice! The name truly say that the spice will be sugar. Instead of decreasing hits of chopping/mining, it will give you both faster picking and speed in general, not to shabby tho, because it would most likely be half of the walking cane speed, but well, it's always something! You also could make new dishes with that, and maybe new type of candy! They can't be moved, so you will need to come for the resource just like salt, but it would most likely be near ponds.

And all of the stuff mentioned will be on new islands, a taste of something different than lunar and crabby hermit island, because let's face it, it's too insanely empty on the sea of don't starve, some will drift on water, like trash which i mentioned. There should also be a boss, but i think klei is better than me at designing bosses, i'm truly not the perfect guy to create a boss. The islands of course would be separate, so walrus island and coffee island will be separate (or conjoined if worldgen is stupid). Anyway let's go to the good ol' woodlegs, the pirate of the shipwrecked!

Now before you say "BUT WOODLEGS IS A PIRATE, WHY NOT WILBUR", easy explanation. Woodlegs can have hidden lore, which means he could just go crazy and portray himself as a pirate, also he makes most sense with the boats, because duh, he has a lot of experience with sailing at sea, don't he eh? Also walani won't make it because she is too strictly singleplayer, surf board can take up to 2 people, and walani without surf board is like wilson without his beard.

So, Woodlegs comes with the same health, sanity and hunger as he was in shipwrecked, but some major changes will be made to him to make him placed more at the multiplayer side, but still relatively good on his own, how do we do that then, let me tell you:

I don't 'ave taste - as said, when we examine spicy chilli as woodlegs, he clearly says he has wooden tongue, what does it mean for us? Well basically woodlegs completely does not combo with warly, since his spices does not work on woodlegs, foods which gives you something after-time (like soothing tea after effect sanity, spicy chilli heating you up, melonsickle cooling you up etc.. This means he will rely only on the hunger/sanity/health walue of the food, this feature isn't that painful as it is in multiplayer, so i think it is balanced enough to a multiplayer game

Where be me water matey? - We all know how painful woodlegs sanity downside was in shipwrecked making him nearly unplayable on the other dlcs. This time he won't be loosing sanity as long as he is NEAR ocean or is slightly wet if he is deeper on the land (ignoring the very first day of joining), this means the woodlegs player will need to have a couple of water balloons if he wishes to be in the ruins or just show yourself for a short while to rain when spring comes, his sanity won't go down as long as he is slightly wet (so if he is fully wet, he sure gonna loose sanity), beeing wet reminds him of seas, because let's face it, you tend to get wet a lot when sailing don't you

I fearrr no sea foul beast! - Woodlegs not only will have slower sanity drain when fighting sea bosses, the boat will also be 'pushed' way less when woodlegs is on board, for example malbatross hits your boat, and without anchor, your boat is just thrown away for a great distance, with woodlegs, that distance will be cut in half with small advance, Woodlegs will also destroy the crab claws slightly faster than others (hit them faster instead of higher damage like wolfgang), he also will patch/repair boat faster, since he is pretty much used to it from what he was experiencing in shipwrecked (quacken etc.)

Me trusty steerin' wheel - woodlegs won't come with a cannon, dublons, pirate hat and a boat, but he will have something that will make him as original, his own steering wheel, don't get fooled, it is not free steering wheel as a whole, you need to place one first, and then attatch your own one, knowing that turning with a boat is extremely sluggish in together, this wheel will make turns twice as efficiently and smoothly, only a captain will be able to use the anchor, so only woodlegs can use it, to get it off, you either right click the steering wheel as woodlegs or hammer the wheel once as any other character, no one will be able to pick up besides woodlegs and will dissapear when player will be switching.

me peg legs be lit! - Woodlegs will not only burn twice as long when he is beeing burned alive, he himself can be affected by summer wild fire, making him extremely difficult to play when summer hits the clock when you still didn't manage to get/run out of water balloons, it also mean he isn't perfect match to fight dragonfly, so if you want harder battle against it without using wall method... good luck keeping your health fine!

proper Cap'n knows 'is boat - Woodlegs as a sailor will have Seafaring tab fully unlocked right on the start (with exception of malbatros and crab king stuff), not only that, he will have boat modifiers known as 'ship bows'. Those will come in 2 variants, a round and spiky, those 2 will do completely opposite thing, where spiky bow will give you speed when sailing decreasing your ability to turn, the round one will give you more turning maneuver slowing your speed down. He will also be able to make his steering wheel in that tab. What's interesting, there will also be ability to build the cannons, but they absolutely won't work as they did in shipwrecked, they will only have an ability to fire far, or closer (aka. up and down) giving you also slight hint where the cannonball will strike, everyone can use them, to move them, you will move as slow as when dragging suspicious marble pieces, they will also turn as boat turns, so you need to cooperate with your captain as much as it gets making cannons more multiplayer. But for the payoff, you won't need anything to shoot out of theese things, just like winonas catapults, they have infinite ammo.


And that's pretty much it! Let me know if idea is interesting and if you would like to see this in the game because I at least would like to see woodlegs, anyways have an amazing day/evening/night and see you in the next time! Bye!

(as for hidden lore, this means no one could basically enter don't starve world before maxwell was in charge, remember when in shipwrecked trailer there was maxwell head in the volcano ashes? Woodlegs as said can be more mentally ill than a pirate, because people do not materialise from nowhere in don't starve (ignoring some characters like wilbur since wilbur most likely was born in don't starve world) and just saying, he was surely locked up in the cage for god know how long, people tend to get crazy when they are isolated from civilisation, so he could fit for together for me.)

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